It’s All Energy…

images1111Energy is the very essence and vibration of life itself of which we are an integral part…

WE ARE THAT MAGNIFICENT ENERGY vibrating our divine essence in every remote corner of the earth and beyond into infinite forms of life…the infinite Universe.  We are vibrating that same divine essence into each waking and sleeping moment with such an unstoppable force…a force beyond perhaps our comprehension.  A force both subtle and incredibly powerful in what it brings forward into our human experience, and beyond that.   A creative force we are encouraged to give the utmost credence because it is behind everything we are in this moment and behind everything that is possible in the next.

We were born into this expression of life with a certain vibrational energy based on our Soul’s  journey thus far.  Our Soul holds within it  the memories of everything that has ever happened to us in this lifetime and before that.  And today, we are continually feeding information into our energy field with every thought we entertain, every word we speak, and every experience we encounter.  And is through this energy field that we continue to create and attract into our lives the circumstances and the beautiful people who make these experiences come alive.

And because we are energy, it is not necessary to tell people who we are because they already know.  We radiate our energy naturally as it vibrates and touches other energy fields which tells them who we are on some level of innate understanding.   While we may not always follow our intuition when it comes to energy and how it may affect us one way or the other, we do feel it nonetheless on some level.  We can see this so clearly in very young children who may be apprehensive with some people, yet naturally gravitate to others without thinking about it.

There are those who have the ability to see energy or auras around people and other living things or inanimate objects.  They may also see the colors that  are associated with this phenomenon as well.  We all have  a certain basic color or colors around us that indicate our personal make-up.  These colors can and do change depending on how we are feeling by what is occurring in our lives at any given time.   These auras can also be close to the body or expansive in their presence, which can be an indication of whether we are vibrating at higher or lower energy levels.

We are what we think and talk about which directly influences what kind of energy we are creating and therefore manifesting.  For instance, when we think beautiful thoughts and speak words reflecting that beauty, we raise our frequency level and will see more beauty in our circumstances and in our surroundings.  When we look through the eyes of love, we will see more love around us…all because we are vibrating to the same frequency as that of love and beauty.  Conversely, when we think and talk about any kind of lack, we will experience lack in our lives.  We will always experience our lives at the same level of energy as that of our thoughts, words, and actions.  We are therefore, encouraged to raise our vibrational energy level by raising the level of our thoughts and words which have undeniable power.

In light of this, we are invited to be mindful of what we project into the ethers (Universal Medium) because our projections will be reflected back to us through the people and the circumstances the universe designates to help us define our reality.   This of course is done through the Universal Laws which are powered by vibrational energy.  We are  all governed by these laws…that is  how life works.  These powerful laws simply respond to the power of our thoughts and the words thereof without personal attachment to anyone or anything.  In fact, these laws always say “yes” to anything we project.

What about positive and negative energy?  We are creating this energy everyday with our positive and negative thoughts.  It goes without saying that our positive thoughts vibrate at higher levels of energy, and our negative ones at lower frequencies.  Many of us have painful and sad memories of past experiences, which unknowingly may have caused us to project lower vibrational thoughts into our current circumstances.  We may be experiencing a new challenge right now.  When we become aware of how deeply energy affects us, we are encouraged to raise our vibrational level by making a decision to feel great in spite of our past history or what is going on in the moment…at least to the degree we feel able to.  While healing pain is a process and to be honored,  it can make all the difference in the outcome.  Consider this…our thoughts are  much like electrical energy because it carries both positive and negative charges that attract to each other creating a powerful magnetic connection.  When we are ready to make this connection with our thoughts, something magnificently different will burst  forth with that same electrifying energy bringing renewed life and passion into our experiences.  Can you just feel the burst of energy?  This is what raising our vibrational level is all about.

It is interesting to note that energy healing has become a powerful presence in our community today because there is an understanding within its practices that everything is in fact energy, and it is in changing the energy surrounding what needs attention that healing does happen.  Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other healing modalities can help us balance the energy flow within our bodies by working with the Chakras (energy centers in the body), and other areas within the body that need to be recharged, cleared or brought back into alignment.

Considering what we now understand about vibrational energy and how it works in our daily lives,  learning to live authentically encourages us to be mindful and deeply sense what resonates with our own magnificent Soul and what truly lifts our divine Spirit and releasing in love any energy that does not.

As we move forward on our path, and deeper into our spiritual journey, it is this writer’s affirmation that we all do so with the wisdom we continue to gather along the way so that our experiences will be those of beauty and love, even during those times when we feel challenged.  Let us tap into that divine essence present within all of us by raising our vibrational level…then watch what happens.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.
In Love, Light and divine Inspiration,
Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.
Dr. Regina J. Dekker, MscD.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dr Wendy Dearborne
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 16:03:12

    Inspirational. Thank you for sharing!


  2. davidwhiteeagle
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 21:09:18

    Namaste Regina. Wonderful article, can not disagree with the message. We are all given our own unique vibration in this universe. Our energy signature is our voice and the song we sing can belong to no one else. Our Chakras resonate with tonal variance that when heard as a single chord becomes that voice. Om Shanti!
    Peace, Love and Light – David


  3. Francine
    Feb 13, 2013 @ 10:04:32

    Your thoughts, feelings and energy come out when you write. Thank you so much for sharing your inner light with those of us who are so recent on our journey. Today my aura is bright thanks to your loving words a few weeks ago.
    Blessings always


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