Going With The Flow…


When we go with the flow of whatever is happening in our lives, we will come to realize that harmony and divine order is always unfolding because they are in agreement with our thoughts, words, and actions. This is a beautiful thing…

ARE YOU GOING WITH THE FLOW?  If so, what do you think it means from the standpoint of spiritual growth?  And if not, do you think it matters?  Let me begin by saying that we are always right where we need to be, and that everything  happens exactly the way they are meant to happen.  This may seem a bit unrealistic especially considering some of the extraordinary challenges we may have had to face.  You may even wonder if everything happens just the way they are meant to, why are we trying to grow in the first place?  Are we just here to live out our destiny?  Having been asked these questions after a recent talk inspired me to share some thoughts with you about it, keeping in mind that much of what we manifest comes from a subconscious level of our awareness or an even deeper aspect of our eternal soul.

Throughout our soul’s journey, we have encountered many circumstances that have inspired us to continue moving forward on our path with great joy and anticipation.  We have demonstrated many rewards given our talents and abilities to excel in the things we are passionate about.  We are also blessed to live in a land of prosperity and abundance and therefore have the privilege to enjoy many things that reflect the outpicturing of all we have thought possible.   It really goes without saying then that when things are going great, it is very easy for us to go with the flow.

What about those time when we feel challenged?  Do we still feel blessed and want to go with the flow?  Many of us have experienced the kind of pain that seemed too much too bear, much less overcome.  It is within these moments that we may begin to understand that we cannot control how things happens in our lives.  Going with the flow during these heavier moments takes great courage and a kind of unwavering faith in a Higher Power within us that is much greater than the pain that we may be suffering.  We need only to be open to it and allow ourselves to be guided  through these moments of great change.

Many of us have envisioned our lives to turn out a certain way, and find ourselves being either overjoyed or disappointed when the looks of it changed.  We might ask ourselves, “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why is this happening to me?”  Life is an eventful journey, and everything we encounter is meaningful.  Why?  Because ultimately, we are always in the flow of our own divine consciousness whether we are aware of it or not.  Meaning that our lives always unfold in divine order in accordance with our level of awareness at any given time, and in keeping with the spiritual laws of the Universe which always responds in kind.  There is no right or wrong, life simply moves in a natural flow of consciousness which cannot be measured, but can be seen through what we bring forward into our experiences.

For instance, many years ago I was fired from a job where I had worked for several years with an outstanding record.  I could not believe it!   How could this have happened to me?  I have always been a good employee!   My emotions ran rampant including feeling the shame of losing what I felt was my dignity and self-esteem.  Not to mentioned the uncertainty of wondering how I was going to provide for my son.  The realization came to me that I did not want to be employed there any longer, and subconsciously sabotaged myself by not working up to my normal standards.  Not only that, I was already looking for another job!  So, could we agree that my being fired was actually a outpicturing of my thoughts?  That perhaps the Universe was naturally creating out of the energy I was putting out there?  I did not want that job…right?  I just did not know how powerful my thoughts were at the time, and how they had the creative ability to move things before I was even ready to deal with the consequences.  I was simply given my desired outcome, which was directed by my thoughts and the actions that followed.  The how and when was never in my control.

We are encouraged to accept every moment for exactly what it is regardless of what it may look like.  It is through this acceptance that we gain the wisdom to understand that everything we experience has brought us to the next moment in which we have the power to create something new or recreate something  different out of an existing challenge.  It is important for us not to resist what is happening because when we do, we are actually giving it more energy to create more of the same due to the concentrated attention we are giving it.  The frustration we may feel also adds to the intensity of the energy.   In the long run, it is much easier to go with the flow and making peace with whatever the challenge may be.  It frees us up to be present for something much greater to unfold.

Life is like a beautiful river moving forward in a continuous flow.  There may be rocks or boulders, trees and other obstacles that stand in the way of its flow, but if you will notice, the water will move over, under, and around them in order to keep the water moving forward.  The river will also be calm in places or burst forth into heavy currents along the way, as well as the water falling downward into deeper waters.  We will also observe the river taking different turns going various directions creating yet another way for the water to move along its path.  There will be some stretches of water that reflects the light, and other part that may seem dark and murky.  Do you see the resemblance?  This is authentic about our own beautiful nature.  In fact, we are nature in human form.

We are always guided by our thoughts which influence the words we speak and the actions we take.  And those actions are reflective of how we relate to the world with our own unique personality, which dictates the way we experience our lives.  This is why we are encouraged by Lao Tzu to live in mindfulness in our daily lives.  Whatever the level of our awareness,  just know that everything we experience is significant to our spiritual growth and unfoldment.   We all have a divine purpose for being here, and it is up to us to uncover what that is if we choose to follow our soul’s guidance.  In essence, we have both a destiny and freedom of choice.  It is up to us to determine how to move forward by choosing what is right for us…not what is deemed right by others. And likened to a river, we have the power to change directions and find another way to move forward on our journey.  There is no right or wrong way.

Life is truly a magnificent journey complete with all the laughter, the tears, and every heartfelt emotion.  Allow it all to flow naturally by letting go of the need to control.  Let us observe our lives without judgment of ourselves and others.  Be inspired by the knowledge that we have the power to direct our lives to a greater degree when we learn to be more conscious of our thoughts.  Let us remember to be gentle with ourselves  in the process.  The more we practice going with the flow, the calmer we will become, and the more at peace we will be because we won’t be taking ourselves so seriously.   Take time to laugh, play and enjoy life.  Take time to observe the harmony in nature.  And, remember that we are always supported by a most loving and supportive Universe.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.


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  1. Dr Wendy Dearborne
    May 15, 2012 @ 17:40:51

    Bless you!


  2. itrustmyjourney
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 10:30:47

    I have nominated you dear writer for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please continue to plant your seeds of wisdom. Congratulations and blessings.


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