The Way of Wisdom

Athena__Goddess_of_Wisdom_by_violscraper May we be open to the wisdom of all that we have been, all that we are in this moment, and all that we are becoming…for there in lies the loving guidance of our magnificent and evolving soul.

OBSERVE…LISTEN…LEARN…These are the practices of the Sage, the Shaman, the Guru, and all those who cultivate wisdom as a means to create a life with great purpose and divine love.  Have you ever noticed the demeanor of the people we perceive as being wise?  They are the calm, peaceful souls.  They are great listeners.  They appear mindful in everything they say and do.  They are loving, kind and giving.   They control their emotions most of the time.  They speak their own truth without making anyone else feel “wrong”, because they honor the beliefs and opinions of others.  They have a great sense of humor because they do not take themselves too seriously.  They are all these things and more, and continue to walk their path with great humility and grace.

How can we cultivate this kind of wisdom in our own lives?  While we may be inspired by those who have gone before us, it is up to us to cultivate our own level of wisdom by following our path one inspirational step after another. Perhaps we can begin by learning something from the owl pictured in this writing.  We know that owls have always been associated with wisdom, so let us look at some of their traits.  They have an acute sense of hearing and focus on what they are listening to.  They possess great depth perception because of their binocular vision.  They have the ability to change their views simply by turning their heads all the way around.  Being nocturnal birds, they also have the capability to see in the dark.  And because of these characteristics, they are considered in symbology to be clairvoyant due to their ability to see things that are hidden…as in the dark.  Freedom, secrets, observation, and the ability to see the total truth are also aspects of their symbolic meaning.  Can you see their connection to wisdom?

From my understanding, owls have been linked to wisdom since the days of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom in Greek Mythology.  We may have seen her pictured with the owl  to symbolize her wisdom many times.  Although some believed the owl was used because there was an abundance of them living throughout the Parthenon (her first temple) which sits on top of the Acropolis in Greece,  many also felt that because the eyes of the owls glowed in the dark, these birds appeared to have an inner light.  As you may know, Athena was aptly named the Goddess of Wisdom because she was very wise and discerning.  She displayed these qualities in her roles as  judge, diplomat and mediator.  She is also associated with logic and intellect, and most of all her compassion.  While she was associated with war, she  was actually not in combat, but rather tried to stop conflict from occurring.  When she was not able to do so however, she did fight for her side…you may have heard the story of the Trojan Horse, which apparently was her clever idea.

Taking into consideration the insights we may have received thus far, let’s go back to looking at the three basic practices of cultivating wisdom mentioned earlier.  Let us observe what is going on in our lives by paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions…how we express them outwardly throughout our circumstances, or whether we hold on to them in our minds, and where we are carrying them inside our bodies.  Along with that, let us observe the people, the things, the situations, and the events in our own environment and in the world, and discern how we relate to all of them.  Our sense of awareness will be heightened through the practice of observation.  We will also come to understand more fully how the Universal Laws are working in our lives by what we are attracting into it, and what we are attracted to.  We will be more sensitive to the energy we are absorbing and how it affects our well-being.  We will also become aware of the energy we are emitting.  We will be more in tune with our intuition and the messages we are receiving.  Observing how we relate to virtually everything gives us much insight into what resonates with our authentic nature and what does not.

Listening intently is another important practice in gaining wisdom.  When we really listen, we will be able to focus on what is being conveyed in our communication with people, our pets, the things in our environment, the sounds we may hear in nature, and especially the chatter that goes on in our heads.  It is a means by which we are able to understand the relationship we have to everything.  When we practice mindful listening in our interactions with people, which includes paying attention to body language, we will be able to discern what is being communicated more readily.  Being fully present and giving someone our rapt attention is one of the most loving things we can do.   Not only do people feel important and heard, we can learn more about who they are, the common bond that exists within the relationship or encounter, and where we may be able to support them or each other.  The more we listen, the more we learn.

Learning from our own experiences is yet another way in which greater wisdom can be developed.  Things happen for a reason, and therefore the lessons within our experiences are highly significant to our personal and spiritual growth.  We are encouraged to always be open to learning because we never know where our insights may come from.  They could very well come from what we see and hear in nature, our beautiful children, inspirational movies and books, spiritual teachers, simple observations in our daily lives, and so much more.  “When the student is ready, the teacher always appears”…so the saying goes.

The beautiful thing about paying attention to all these things is that we will develop a great memory in which all that we have learned is retained for future guidance.  We will become more compassionate because we will have grown in our understanding of our interactions with people, the events in our lives, and the situations that come up.  We will be able to see things from a greater perspective and with deeper insight.  We will be more in alignment with our own authentic way of being.  We will become more open and flexible in our thinking, and not take anything personal.  We will become more aware and mindful of how we respond to our circumstances rather than reacting to them through our feelings and emotions.  We will become naturally calmer and more in the flow of a higher level of consciousness.

Remember Athena?  She was called upon to make a difficult decision when a man named Tiresias accidentally saw her when she was bathing.  This act was punishable by law because of her position.  Instead of passing the normal judgment, her divine wisdom and compassionate heart made another choice by putting her hands over his eyes causing him to be blinded.  At the same time however, she gave him inner sight…the gift of prophecy, to which he became the most sought-after Oracle of his day.  In essence, he was blessed by her calm and peaceful nature that greatly influenced her decision to respond with an alternate choice that obviously emanated from a higher level of consciousness.

Like Athena, let us be inspired to make decisions and choices from a place of divine love.  Let us grow from what we have already learned through our experiences and allow that wisdom to guide us into making today’s choices that will make a significant difference in our tomorrows.  When we use our wisdom and connect it with our heart and soul, it will bring forward the very best in all of us.  Let us share mindfully our wisdom and be open to the wisdom of others with the intention of creating a sacred and safe space in which we are all inspired to continue walking on our path feeling supported.  We are all here to help each other grow into our divine wholeness.

We are all encouraged to move beyond trying to wrap our heads around the things we do not understand, and wrap our hearts around them instead.  The outcome will be surprisingly insightful.  Let us observe life unfold gently through us, as us, and around us.  Let us listen acutely to the guidance of our own inner voice, and listen attentively to others with an open heart.  Let us continue to learn from our experiences knowing that they are filled with many pearls of wisdom.  And in the process of cultivating our wisdom, let us also keep our sense of humor because life is meant to be enjoyed.  This is the way of divine wisdom.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.


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