The Beauty of Miracles, Synchronicity, and Coincidences

nature-women-fantasy-359240 We are all here to share something with each other by way of inspiration, to catch a beautiful glimpse of ourselves, or simply to observe a reflection of how life is meant to be enjoyed…

Whatever we choose to call them, Synchronicities and Coincidences are those unexpected and surprising occurrences in our lives that are composed of two or more events that happen simultaneously and seem to come out of nowhere.  We may call them Miracles.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?  COINCIDENCES?  AND WHAT DO YOU SEE IN SYNCHRONICITIES?   Those unexpected and seemingly unexplainable events that happen without any kind of warning or notice?  Those events that give us the greatest surprises and perhaps the most prolific view of how our own lives are unfolding?  How about the chance meeting of people we may or may not know?  And what about the animals that come into our view that seem to be communicating with us?  The things that catch our attention?  What about those times when we find ourselves in nature or elsewhere without planning to be there?

There are so many things that happen in life that seem to have no explanation. We may even call them miracles or phenomenons.  What exactly are miracles?  Most of us grew up thinking that miracles were something of a divine supernatural nature.  In a sense they are.  From this perspective, miracles are everyday occurrences that hold within them a sense of awe as well as gratitude for what seems impossible.  And for those who are of a mind to recognize it, may find a personal meaning behind their occurrence in just the right moment.

So, what exactly is behind these surprise events that we all experience?  First of all, everything happens for a reason, and everything is connected to everything else by virtue of the Universal Energy that connects us all in divine consciousness.  We are consciousness…pure spirit in the truest sense of our existence although expressed right now in physical form.  Perhaps you have heard the expression, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.  That is who we are in our most absolute authenticity.

Within this Universal Energy are Spiritual Laws that govern how all of life is expressed. It is within these same Laws that we experience our lives because  we are divinely connected to that powerful energy through our own energy field. Our energy field holds within it everything we have ever thought, done, and experienced throughout our eternal lives.  Therefore, every one of these coincidences and synchronicities have a causal reason for their occurrence in our lives today.  It may seem mind-boggling to think about this however, nothing happens by chance, even though we may think they do.

Most of us have heard about the Law of Attraction, and how we can tap into to its power through our thoughts and manifest those things we want to experience, right?  It is within this Spiritual Universal Law and others as previously mentioned, that we attract into our lives the people we meet, the things that come into our view, and everything else that are in keeping with our thoughts and those things that resonates with us on a conscious or subconscious level.  We emit our energy outwardly into the Universe as well as attract energy like a magnet into our own energy field.  So, it is through our own personal use of this powerful and creative Universal energy that these synchronicities and coincidences have been drawn into our lives through the people, places and the things that are involved in these surprising events.

Our lives are filled with these meaningful events.  We consider them as surprise events because we are not always thinking about each moment being connected to the next or the thoughts that are contained within them. That is why we are encouraged to remain open to life and go with the flow of whatever is happening.  And when we are blessed with one of these coincidences or synchronised events, we are encouraged to simply allow the beauty of these miracles to leave us in awe and gratitude. Incidentally, when we live in gratitude, miracles seem to happen more frequently simply because being grateful increases the energy we emit into the creative Universe which we have learned always responds to us in kind.  Creating a vision for our lives, or setting an intention invites the Universal Energies to respond in surprising and awe-inspiring ways as well.  We do not need to know how things will materialize, just know that they will.  Have faith, be open and receptive, observant….and most of all, patient.

Within every miracle, synchronicity, and coincidence is a divine message.  It is up to us to decipher what that is.  Sometimes, we may find ourselves looking for the answer only to uncover it right within the question itself.  And there are other occasions when we may overlook the inevitable because our emotions have gotten in the way of our inner wisdom.  Whether we determine what the answers are now or later, they will come when we are ready to see them…perhaps in hindsight.  We are all messengers of light, and so the interactions we encounter has meaning for everyone and everything involved…no coincidences.  We need only to know what is ours to embrace in our own life’s journey,  and leave others involved in the encounter to come to their own conclusions.

What we think about and ultimately attract into our circumstances are all beautiful aspects of our soul’s  incredible journey.  We may not always be aware of what we are thinking or what is imbedded deep within our subconscious mind, however, the Universe does. Consciousness always come first…before the actual event happens, whether we are aware of it or not.  If we really look at all the miracles, synchronicities, and the coincidences that have crossed our path, we may be able to detect patterns that have left a glorious trail of how our lives have unfolded thus far.  Everyone we have ever met regardless of the length of time, as well as every circumstance thereof has led us to this moment of our unfoldment.

We are all divinely connected and these magical occurrences are testimony to that. It is this writer’s belief that some of the people we share our lives with today have been traveling with us throughout eternity in various relationships…in Soul Groups if you will.  Some of them show up for long periods of time while others for the short term…and perhaps for specific reasons that may have been agreed upon before coming to this expression of our existence.  Could it be that some of the people we encounter during these coincidences are actually individuals we may have known from another lifetime? For example, have you ever met someone with whom you felt an instant and deep connection…like you have known them forever?  Something to consider as a possibility, yes?  We live in a small world, so “they” say.  In essence we do.

Let us explore the possibilities within every miracle, synchronicity and coincidence, especially those that have greatly inspired us.  Everyone we meet and everything we experience has a divine purpose and ultimately leads us into our own reason for being here.  Life is a miracle in and of itself, and every experience is always in absolute divine order.  Let us simply look for the beauty within every one of these events knowing they are divine gifts to serve the well-being of us all.

Again, let us be open and receptive to the miracles of life knowing that within every coincidence and synchronicity is a divine blessing  just waiting to be realized into its full radiance.  Let us be mindful of who and what enters our experience because they are all clues into how our lives are unfolding.  And if you are up to it, observe how your life has evolved by looking back at some of the coincidences and synchronicities that have led you to a blessed event, a miracle, or into your current circumstances.

Let us live in constant gratitude and rejoice in the beauty and awe of all the surprises we encounter along our journey.   And let us be in tune with the callings of nature present in every living thing, and embrace the inspirations and profoundness that comes through every coincidence and every synchronicity thereof.  And most of all, let us fully embrace these magical occurrences with the understanding that life is indeed a blessing and a divine miracle for our enjoyment.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark Michael
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 19:22:36

    Yes, I love to see the syncronicity in action in my life. Have been seeing it quite a bit of late 🙂


  2. Lissa Masters
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 00:24:20

    Love the images…and it is so great when you get to a place when you just “expect” miracles! 🙂


  3. Susan
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 05:21:00

    Thank you Regina for affirming the truth of how I live my life,I enjoy your blog and your posts on the intenders site .I had an instant attraction to your photo and so -here I am!Looking at your blog.Wish we lived closer as I believe we would be close friends..For now I hope we will get to know each other better this way.Would Love to share on a more personal level 🙂 blessings on you ❤ Susan


    • Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.
      Sep 28, 2012 @ 10:38:15

      Thank you Susan. I am delighted that my blog and posts resonate with you. It is wonderful to know that the Univserse always works to bring like-minded people together through the many synchronicities and coincidences that bring about friendships. Many divine blessings and miracles to you as well. Namaste.


  4. MySaphir
    Sep 18, 2014 @ 11:23:37

    Thank You so Much for Your Writings.


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