Remembering the Soul’s Journey

thCA2B7706Through the guidance of our magnificent Soul, we are gently led into places beyond what we could ever imagine – we need only to listen, observe, and be open to the possibilities…

Our Soul is born of Spirit and at the very core of our multi-faceted being.  And it is through this radiant consciousness that we create our experiences through a process of remembering all that we are in our authentic nature.  And it is through this same radiant consciousness that we are always guided along our path whether we are aware of it or not.  Let us explore some of the many ways in which our Soul reveals to us who we truly are through the things that naturally unfold in our everyday experiences.

Let me begin by saying that our soulfulness was openly expressed when we were very young children because we were still unencumbered by all the things we have grown into through our personal experiences and environmental influences.

We need only to look at our young children to see the evidence of their amazing 57soulfulness.  The first thing we will notice is that while all children share similar traits especially within their families, they are uniquely different.  There is always something special that sets them apart from their siblings and other children.  We will witness how free they are in their personal expressions in what they say; what they like to wear, the colors they enjoy most, the people they feel most comfortable being around, how they use their creativity and imagination, what they gravitate towards in the way of art, music, and other activities, the wisdom they already possess, their zest for life, their openness, and so much more.

The truth from this perspective is that all of these things and more are still very much a part of who we are and expressed in some manner yet today.  While this may not be readily apparent, we may find that what we are doing right now in our chosen profession for instance, directly relates to what we enjoyed doing as a child.  And if we are not, we may be feeling unfulfilled and are in pursuit of what brings us joy.  The significance in both instances is that we were and are always guided by our Soul…again, whether we are aware of it or not.

When we feel unhappy or restlessness, it is our soul stirring within and guiding us to move into something that is more in alignment with itself as us.  This “stirring” is about change and moves us closer to remembering who we are.  Change is a natural part of our being…just like the changing seasons in Mother Nature.  The truth is we are no different from what we see out in nature, for we are not separate from it.  In fact, when we look closer, we will see the similarities in our transformations and growth patterns as those of trees, flowers, and every living thing.  What we will notice most of all, is that nothing can stop life from changing, growing, or transforming itself. Let us look at some of the ways in which nature continued to evolve…

calm-water-angel-fairyWhen one leaf falls from a tree, there will be others to replace it; A flower comes to full bloom when the bud is ready to open to expose its full beauty; The caterpillar changes into a magnificent butterfly; A tiny acorn grows into a mighty oak tree; weather conditions affect the growth of plants;  and so on.

So, what are we to glean from this?  As we are part of nature, we will also continue to change and evolve throughout our entire lives as well.  For example, we know that physically we grow from infancy into adulthood which is apparent through the changes that happens within and outside our bodies.  As for our emotional and mental states, we will continue to develop through every season of our experiences and what we learn through them, which incidentally affects our physical bodies as well.  It is important to accept that everything we have experienced thus far regardless of the circumstances has been a significant aspect our spiritual growth and the evolution of our beautiful Soul.

Spiritual-DoorSo, what are some of the others ways in which we are guided?  And how does it show up in our experiences today? Intuition is one of the ways our Soul most definitely speaks to us.  We receive inklings of information that resonate with us beyond what we may understand, yet know beyond reason.  For instance, have you ever had a feeling that compels you to call a family member or friend right away only to find out there was something very important they needed to tell you?  Have you ever found yourself going in a different direction than you may have planned with regards to a career or vocation, and found the perfect opportunity that feels like a dream come true?  The voice beyond reason is at work here…our intuitive voice.

How about our dreams?  Many clues are revealed through what we experience in our dreams because they hold nothing back, and provide us with honest answers to anything we may want or need to know.   It behooves us to pay close attention to them for they are indeed a powerful way in which we are guided to move forward during our waking hours.

Our Soul also can be felt and seen through the things we enjoy such as art, music, writing, and other hobbies and pastimes.  Believe it or not, there are significant messages within them.  For instance, what are we most focused on while engaging in these activities?  Pathways?  Beauty?  Light?  Flowers?  Animals?  Angels?  People?  Children?

How about the people that we gravitate toward and vice versa.  Are you surrounded psychesby, Teachers?  Artists?  Leaders? Writers? Healers?  Do you think there is something significant in these interactions?  This writer thinks so.  Remember, we attract into our lives who and what we are.

What about déjà vu?  Could this be a form of guidance for us to remember who we are?  Something to ponder is it not?  The very idea of feeling that we have experienced something before is intriguing at best even if we haven’t actually experienced it…or have we?  If nothing else, it could leave us feeling that there is much more to our life than we might imagine.

The Soul’s Journey is a beautiful unfolding of how our lives continue to evolve.  We may or may not remember everything about where we have been or where we are going, yet when we are open to all the possibilities, we will glean some insight into who we are at the deepest level of our authenticity.  We are simply encouraged to be aware and mindful along the way and recognize that we are more than what meets the eye…more than our physical being.  Remember, we are spiritual light beings having a human experience.  And as such, we have the innate power and the wisdom to look Beautiful-Angel-angels-8025041-1024-768beyond what we can ascertain through our humanity and learn to perceive life through the spiritual discernment of our higher self.  It is within and through our wholeness that we can perceive our Soul.  Being authentic is to know and accept all that we are in our wholeness…and living our lives from a realistic place of where we are in this important moment, and in balance with both our spiritual and physical nature. We have all come to the planet earth to do or learn something significant to our Soul’s Journey.

Again, listening and being observant is important if we are to uncover the truth of our own unique existence, as well as how we create harmony with other souls.  Everything we do affects everyone and everything else.  That is how life works.  The beauty is that whenever we look in the eyes of another, we see their shining soul looking back at us.  This is a beautiful exchange of energy because it gives us an inkling of how connected we really are, especially when there is an instant recognition of something profoundly familiar.  Whatever that resonance is, we are remembering something…

Overall, everything we experience serves to gently guide us into remembering more clearly the nature of our magnificent Soul and who we are through its divine expression.  And when we consciously allow ourselves to be in this natural flow of its guidance, we will take our journey even more profoundly into heightened levels of our divinity and bring to light extraordinary demonstrations of our inherent greatness.

There is so much more to learn along the way…perhaps you have other ideas as to how you are guided throughout your own life.  We are all in this life together, and it through our interactions with each other, that we begin to realize the significance of our own soulful journey and how it relates to the evolution of us all…in our Oneness.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.


Beyond the Voice of Reason

-Learning to listen to the voice of our heart gives us a greater sense of who we are in our authenticity for it knows not of the preconceived expectations nor the limitations of our mind…

HAVE YOU EVER KNOWN A PERSON WHO IS PERCEIVED TO BE  “the voice of reason”?  Have you been referred to as that presence for others?  People who demonstrate this loving and compassionate quality obviously learned many things throughout their journey and are therefore, willing to share with others what they have come to understand about life and the human experience. Since their wisdom seems to emanate from such a deeply loving and compassionate place, is it possible that these individuals may actually have embodied the true essence of how life moves through us?  Could they have allowed themselves to be guided by something greater than their individual mind?  A Voice Beyond Reason, perhaps?

Spiritual Truth…we have all heard this “still small voice”.  That gentle, yet powerful voice within us that speaks to us from our heart center.  It is the voice of our Intuition…that gentle voice that seems to come out of nowhere with something of a profound nature to share with us.  This voice is the presence of a higher and greater power that resides deep within us in a calm and peaceful manner.  This presence is eminently known as The Divine, God, Source, Spirit, Higher Self, Soul, Universe, or any other name that resonates with our own sensibilities.  However we choose to identify this presence, simply know that Intuition guides human nature in the same way animals are guided by their instinct.  The difference is that we have the choice to listen to it or not.

Again, we have all heard this gentle voice.  Oftentimes, in spite of what we may hear, we have chosen to follow our own way of doing things, yes?  And when we encountered results that were not beneficial for us, didn’t we feel like we “should” have listened to our Intuition?  Of course we have.  We stand in our own way at times don’t we?  So, what keeps us from following our intuition more often?  Consider this, we have all been conditioned throughout our life by everything we have ever experienced, and everything we have been told is the truth of who we are, what we should do, and how we should do it.   All of these things are neatly retained in our memory banks which contains all of the stories and events of our eternal lives.   And when we encounter a situation that triggers a memory, we will naturally reflect back and react in accordance with it.  No need to feel like we have failed in some way because we didn’t listen though.  We simply keep moving forward and continue to learn.  Remember, everything happens for a reason.  And, our Intuition will guide us to understand the reason, when we are ready to hear it.

Our past history does not have to be the driving force behind how we continue to create our experiences regardless of whether the memory was a pleasant one or circumstances that may have challenged us.   It must be said however, that there are many significant clues of our authentic way of being within the things we have experienced.  Listening to our Intuition will help us discern what they are.  In any case, we have been given the incredible gift of choice, and this is where we can exercise it.  When we feel out of alignment with our own truth, want to live out unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, or simply want to find a solution to a problem; we may want to check in with our Intuition, listen to its guidance, and make a decision.  Keep in mind that our Inner Voice knows beyond reason who we are, and how to guide us into our desired reality.  The more we allow ourselves to be guided by our Intuition, the more readily we will be able to respond rather than react when a situation triggers a memory, simply because we will have come to realize that our past experiences are not the complete truth about who we are.  And even during those times when we forget, we will come back to center more quickly.

One thing is for certain, we must be open and receptive to how life responds to us through the things we may be guided to do or change by our Intuition.  Our Intuition is the greater aspect of our being and is what connects us spiritually to the Universe and everything that exists within it.  The reality is that we were born into the memes or traditions of all that has every been, and we are therefore recipients of all that has ever been known.  We are truly blessed to have the innate power to draw from all this wisdom through the Voice Beyond Reason expressing itself through us.

How do we nurture our Intuition so that we can be more in tune with it?  While we may hear its voice from time to time, the truth is that it is always speaking to us.  It is just not always easy to hear it through all the busyness and the barrage of  information that is constantly filling our minds.  We need to take the time to be still and quiet our minds enough to be able to hear it.  There is no set way in which to do this, however, some form of meditation is a powerful way in which to enhance our ability to tap into its wisdom.  When we sit and meditate for instance, we are creating a space in our consciousness in which our Intuitive Voice can infuse valuable information into the vastness of the now opened channels of all thought.  Taking a walk or being out in nature is also a wonderful to way to practice being, because it is through our beingness that we open the portals of our consciousness and invite the calm essence of that Divine Voice within us to be heard more readily.  These are some of the ways in which we can increase our awareness of this magnificent force already and always present within us.

So, how do we know when we are receiving guidance from our Intuition?  When we receive a thought or hear a soft, gentle voice come through all other thoughts, it is probably from our Intuition.  If the thought seems to have no apparent reason for popping into our consciousness, it is probably the Voice of our Intuition.  If the thought comes through as a gentle feeling or sense of something moving through us without any emotion attached to it, it is probably from our Intuition.  If the thought comes through in a very calm and matter of fact way and feels like the answer we were waiting for, we are probably receiving a message  from our Intuition.  When we awaken from a dream feeling like there was something meaningful in it or leaves us wondering, it was probably our Intuition sending a message to guide us in our waking hours.  These are just a few of the ways our Intuition makes its presence known to us.  How we experience these moments of truth may of course be different for each one of us.

Let us look at the guidance we receive from our mind.  Throughout our life’s journey, we have had to learn many things in order to sustain our physical existence.  We have received sound wisdom from this guiding force  in order to keep us informed with regards to our safety, what resonates with our individuality, our personal likes and dislikes, the many lessons we have learned, and so much more.  We are encouraged to honor this guidance for it has and will continue to serve us well.  When we feel the urge to move beyond the things or ideas that no longer serve us however, we may want to invite our Higher Self to direct our lives…the Voice that speaks to us from our Heart.  Why?  Our mind, while an integral aspect of our wholeness, is limited in its ability to guide us because of its nature.  Our Intuition on the other hand, has unlimited knowledge of who we are in our totality, and goes beyond what we may be able to see through our mind’s eye alone, and directs us lovingly into the realm of infinite possibilities.

So, when we receive guidance from our magnificent mind, it will come from a place of reasoning, a place in which we have learned to live and thrive in our environment.  We need this voice of reason…that intellectual side of us.  We are simply encouraged to be discerning enough to see  whether its guidance is holding us back from doing something based on past experiences or encouraging us to move forward based on the notion that anything is possible.  And even when it seems promising, let us take a moment and check in with our Intuition to be sure we are not limiting ourselves or making choices that keep us from living in our joy.  Let us all find that delicate balance to accept only that which moves us into our greatest unfoldment.

Listening Beyond the Voice of Reason then is a beautiful reminder for us to engage purposely in the unlimited wisdom of it gentle power by fully embracing it as a natural aspect of our divine being.  It is not outside of us.  While we are inspired by those who can assist us in our spiritual growth, the ultimate inspiration comes from the divinity within us.   All we need to do is listen…

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste.

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.

The Way of Wisdom

Athena__Goddess_of_Wisdom_by_violscraper May we be open to the wisdom of all that we have been, all that we are in this moment, and all that we are becoming…for there in lies the loving guidance of our magnificent and evolving soul.

OBSERVE…LISTEN…LEARN…These are the practices of the Sage, the Shaman, the Guru, and all those who cultivate wisdom as a means to create a life with great purpose and divine love.  Have you ever noticed the demeanor of the people we perceive as being wise?  They are the calm, peaceful souls.  They are great listeners.  They appear mindful in everything they say and do.  They are loving, kind and giving.   They control their emotions most of the time.  They speak their own truth without making anyone else feel “wrong”, because they honor the beliefs and opinions of others.  They have a great sense of humor because they do not take themselves too seriously.  They are all these things and more, and continue to walk their path with great humility and grace.

How can we cultivate this kind of wisdom in our own lives?  While we may be inspired by those who have gone before us, it is up to us to cultivate our own level of wisdom by following our path one inspirational step after another. Perhaps we can begin by learning something from the owl pictured in this writing.  We know that owls have always been associated with wisdom, so let us look at some of their traits.  They have an acute sense of hearing and focus on what they are listening to.  They possess great depth perception because of their binocular vision.  They have the ability to change their views simply by turning their heads all the way around.  Being nocturnal birds, they also have the capability to see in the dark.  And because of these characteristics, they are considered in symbology to be clairvoyant due to their ability to see things that are hidden…as in the dark.  Freedom, secrets, observation, and the ability to see the total truth are also aspects of their symbolic meaning.  Can you see their connection to wisdom?

From my understanding, owls have been linked to wisdom since the days of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom in Greek Mythology.  We may have seen her pictured with the owl  to symbolize her wisdom many times.  Although some believed the owl was used because there was an abundance of them living throughout the Parthenon (her first temple) which sits on top of the Acropolis in Greece,  many also felt that because the eyes of the owls glowed in the dark, these birds appeared to have an inner light.  As you may know, Athena was aptly named the Goddess of Wisdom because she was very wise and discerning.  She displayed these qualities in her roles as  judge, diplomat and mediator.  She is also associated with logic and intellect, and most of all her compassion.  While she was associated with war, she  was actually not in combat, but rather tried to stop conflict from occurring.  When she was not able to do so however, she did fight for her side…you may have heard the story of the Trojan Horse, which apparently was her clever idea.

Taking into consideration the insights we may have received thus far, let’s go back to looking at the three basic practices of cultivating wisdom mentioned earlier.  Let us observe what is going on in our lives by paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions…how we express them outwardly throughout our circumstances, or whether we hold on to them in our minds, and where we are carrying them inside our bodies.  Along with that, let us observe the people, the things, the situations, and the events in our own environment and in the world, and discern how we relate to all of them.  Our sense of awareness will be heightened through the practice of observation.  We will also come to understand more fully how the Universal Laws are working in our lives by what we are attracting into it, and what we are attracted to.  We will be more sensitive to the energy we are absorbing and how it affects our well-being.  We will also become aware of the energy we are emitting.  We will be more in tune with our intuition and the messages we are receiving.  Observing how we relate to virtually everything gives us much insight into what resonates with our authentic nature and what does not.

Listening intently is another important practice in gaining wisdom.  When we really listen, we will be able to focus on what is being conveyed in our communication with people, our pets, the things in our environment, the sounds we may hear in nature, and especially the chatter that goes on in our heads.  It is a means by which we are able to understand the relationship we have to everything.  When we practice mindful listening in our interactions with people, which includes paying attention to body language, we will be able to discern what is being communicated more readily.  Being fully present and giving someone our rapt attention is one of the most loving things we can do.   Not only do people feel important and heard, we can learn more about who they are, the common bond that exists within the relationship or encounter, and where we may be able to support them or each other.  The more we listen, the more we learn.

Learning from our own experiences is yet another way in which greater wisdom can be developed.  Things happen for a reason, and therefore the lessons within our experiences are highly significant to our personal and spiritual growth.  We are encouraged to always be open to learning because we never know where our insights may come from.  They could very well come from what we see and hear in nature, our beautiful children, inspirational movies and books, spiritual teachers, simple observations in our daily lives, and so much more.  “When the student is ready, the teacher always appears”…so the saying goes.

The beautiful thing about paying attention to all these things is that we will develop a great memory in which all that we have learned is retained for future guidance.  We will become more compassionate because we will have grown in our understanding of our interactions with people, the events in our lives, and the situations that come up.  We will be able to see things from a greater perspective and with deeper insight.  We will be more in alignment with our own authentic way of being.  We will become more open and flexible in our thinking, and not take anything personal.  We will become more aware and mindful of how we respond to our circumstances rather than reacting to them through our feelings and emotions.  We will become naturally calmer and more in the flow of a higher level of consciousness.

Remember Athena?  She was called upon to make a difficult decision when a man named Tiresias accidentally saw her when she was bathing.  This act was punishable by law because of her position.  Instead of passing the normal judgment, her divine wisdom and compassionate heart made another choice by putting her hands over his eyes causing him to be blinded.  At the same time however, she gave him inner sight…the gift of prophecy, to which he became the most sought-after Oracle of his day.  In essence, he was blessed by her calm and peaceful nature that greatly influenced her decision to respond with an alternate choice that obviously emanated from a higher level of consciousness.

Like Athena, let us be inspired to make decisions and choices from a place of divine love.  Let us grow from what we have already learned through our experiences and allow that wisdom to guide us into making today’s choices that will make a significant difference in our tomorrows.  When we use our wisdom and connect it with our heart and soul, it will bring forward the very best in all of us.  Let us share mindfully our wisdom and be open to the wisdom of others with the intention of creating a sacred and safe space in which we are all inspired to continue walking on our path feeling supported.  We are all here to help each other grow into our divine wholeness.

We are all encouraged to move beyond trying to wrap our heads around the things we do not understand, and wrap our hearts around them instead.  The outcome will be surprisingly insightful.  Let us observe life unfold gently through us, as us, and around us.  Let us listen acutely to the guidance of our own inner voice, and listen attentively to others with an open heart.  Let us continue to learn from our experiences knowing that they are filled with many pearls of wisdom.  And in the process of cultivating our wisdom, let us also keep our sense of humor because life is meant to be enjoyed.  This is the way of divine wisdom.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.