Why Change?

the_moon_goddess_by_ldragomir593-d683kimThe Life that lies deep within us awaits its full expression outside of us…

Have you ever wondered why the very idea of change causes feelings of apprehension, hesitation, resistance, and even fear? Have you ever felt any of these emotions?

Most of us have, especially when it comes to changing even a little something in our daily routine. We have grown accustomed to and are comfortable with how things are in this moment, right? So, why upset the apple cart so to speak? Believe it or not, change is happening within each and every moment whether we are aware of it or not. Simply reading this article is changing something within you, just as my writing is changing something within me. Our brains are pulsating with every thought or idea that is moving through us right now. Our minds are trying to process those same thoughts into some sort of semblance.  Perhaps to connect them with what we already believe to be the truth of who we are from the perspective of our intellect. And then we have our hearts trying to discern whether or not these ideas resonate with us on an emotional or feeling level. All of which are the beginnings of possible change within us all…that is, if we so choose to allow ourselves to follow its call.

Many of us continue to challenge the very idea of change which may have been influenced by our own thoughts, the thoughts of others, and the thought we hear through the pulse of the collective consciousness. So, we may need to consider paying closer attention to what we allow into our heart and minds to be certain that they are in alignment with our own way being. Please keep in mind that embracing the thoughts we hearbutterfly-in-nature-iphone-wallpaper_07a39cc7e11ff58dbdcdb140860a1965_raw.jpg is a very subtle thing. We may not even know when it is happening, or that it happens at all. That is why we are encouraged to become more aware and in tune with our own authenticity.

Whether or not we need to change something in our lives depends of course on the individual. There may be times when we may feel something stirring within us without really understanding what is happening. This “stirring” is in reality something moving within our soul to change something within us to allow more of our true self to come forward into the light. Let us explore the notion that every thought we have is an intention. Every thought begins either in our mind or our heart and is highly creative depending on the level of energy behind it. Therefore, every thought we entertain in our mind whether they be on a conscious or subconscious level is creating some form of change within us, again because every thought is an intention. This happens naturally because of the spiritual laws and principles through which we are governed, i.e. the Law of Attraction, the Law of Gravity, and so on.

There may be times when we set a subconscious intention where we find ourselves in the throes of circumstances that we may not understand at first glance. For instance, many years ago I became very disenchanted with how my life was going to say the least, and simply wanted some peace in my life. While I was not really aware of setting intentions at the time, I remember appealing to God shouting, “I just want some peace in my life!” in sheer desperation. What ensued was anything but peaceful.  I was strongly urged to make some major life decisions after that outburst which included breaking up a long-standing romantic relationship, resigning from my career that I had cultivated for many years, and dealing with some very painful family issues. Fortunately for me, I felt something very powerful within me that knew these changes were necessary in order for me to experience the peace I longed for…although didn’t realize that in the first moments of crying my eyes out. This was an “aha” moment in which I came to the realization that how could I experience peace, when all of these things I was carrying around with me were continually creating unhappiness and discord in my life…the exact opposite of what living a life of peace could be? Would you agree that my desperation was indeed an intention in which great change was the only way for me to move forward? Was change necessary in this case?

nW0g7tiThis is one of the subtle yet powerful ways in which significant change occurs. We may not always accept it as such, especially when there is great pain involved. The key is to remember that whenever we are feeling something that is not in keeping with our level of comfort, that some form of change is taking shape within us. And when we allow ourselves to trust in the natural processes of life, we will find ourselves going with the flow more easily and open to healing whatever needs to be healed. By the way, healing is in fact one of the greatest changes we can experience, on both a physical and emotional level. Are you considering whether or not change is necessary in your own life?

So, what is the process of how our “intentional” intentions come to fruition? Since we continue to learn and grow along our journey of life, most of us will continually want to bring in new and fresh ideas to enhance our life’s experiences. These of course will change the very course of our actions and the direction in which we will continue to grow. We will first feel the need or desire to change something moving within us, even when we do not recognize it as such. And when we are truly ready to move forward, this change will manifest itself outside of us in life altering ways. We have to keep in mind that we will only demonstrate or manifest our intentions to the degree of the energy or passion behind them. And in order for them to come to light in the manner of our greatest potential, we must also be clear in our thinking without outlining every detail. Outlining the outcome only limits our potential, and may keep us stuck in “what has always been”. We are encouraged to trust in the natural process of life and open ourselves up to the outpouring of all that is possible through the incredible power that lies within us.

Sometimes our physical circumstances necessitate our need to make changes in our lives. We could be undergoing great changes with regard to our job or career situations, physically moving to another home or state, changes within the family dynamics, and other life-altering morning-light-fantasy-vladimir-kholostykhcircumstances. How do we handle those kinds of changes? Each one of us handles change from our own perspective based on what we may have experienced before or what we believe could happen within the change itself. This is what is known as resistance or fear of the unknown.  We are always at choice as to whether or not change is necessary in our own lives. Perhaps we are perfectly happy with the way things are. And even when we feel an inner urge or something changing within us, we may still not want to make any changes.  At least not now.  There is no right or wrong here, it is simply a matter of choice.

Many times changing anything in life may mean a temporary shift toward one end of the spectrum to the other, or seemingly in an unbalanced state. While this may occur, the natural process of life will work through this imbalance bringing everything back to center.  We are simply encouraged to trust it.

Creating change can be a positive and empowering experience when we look at them from the perspective of our spiritual growth and personal evolution without judgment or compromising our authenticity. Creating change is about remembering who we are from our Soul level which means beings present in our natural state of being in physical form.

So, the question remains, Is change really necessary? Or could the real question be, Are you open to change?

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.


Living in Gratitude

121138 Living in Gratitude changes the scope of our perception

WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT to talk about gratitude?  Most of us give thanks for our blessings on a regular basis, don’t we?  There are even those who work with gratitude journals as a daily practice.  Practicing gratitude is a wonderful way to uplift our spirit and keeps us from getting too caught up in the uncertainties present within our environment.  Living in gratitude from this perspective is almost a journey within itself because ultimately it is about becoming more aware in our daily lives, and being mindful of everything that sustains our life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Being grateful therefore, is important because it greatly affects how we view and experience our individual lives and life as a whole.

Why do some people seem more grateful than others?  The level of our gratitude is based on our conditioning and how our life experiences have influenced us and the choices we may have made thereof.  For example, my childhood was not very joyful, and as an adult did not always make sound decisions which of course, created more unhappiness and chaos.  I came to understand that having come from painful places made it difficult for me to see clearly through the filters of the pain I experienced…even if only on a subconscious level.  I always felt grateful and happily expressed the appropriate thank you’s whenever warranted, yet realized later on that gratitude goes much deeper than that.  And while I also maintained a pretty positive outlook on things, looking back on it, realize that my view of life was a bit skewed and understand more clearly how that affected the level of my gratitude and therefore the state of my circumstances.

This all came to my realization during a workshop I facilitated in which gratitude was an integral part. During the process of sharing what we were grateful for, someone (who I knew was going through a rough time) asked me this question in a somewhat skeptical fashion, “Well, how much can a person be grateful for?”  It1383663_729582190390084_1345031720_n caught me off guard at first, until I recalled my own feelings of the past, and realized that perhaps we had pain and suffering in common.  This experience gave me incredible insight into our divine connection to each other, and how the Universe supports us through these interactions to help us evolve into our wholeness.

The more grateful we are, the more we will have to be grateful for.  Why?  Because gratitude vibrates at higher frequencies and naturally attracts more of what resonates with that same level of energy.  The encouragement here is to gently work at practicing gratitude regardless of what may be going on and look for the beauty in every situation, even when it feels almost impossible to do so.  Everything does happens for a reason even if we don’t understand it at the time…just be open to its unfoldment.

One of the ways that can help us open up even more to the blessings of gratitude is to let go of all the things that no longer serve us.  This of course in an individual journey, so what we choose to let go of will be different for each of us.  Perhaps though, it could be letting go (in love) of anything we may feel guilty or ashamed about.  These two things alone, coming from my own past experiences, seems to cloud our vision to the vast beauty expressing all around us, and therefore limiting our level of gratitude.  Holding on to these feelings can keep us from loving ourselves and not feeling worthy to receive life’s blessings.  We may want to consider being free of those things by forgiving ourselves and anyone else that may be involved in those painful situations.  This is a process and may not be easy at first, yet when we practice gratitude and perhaps learn to treat ourselves like our own best friend, we will find a way to do this with gentleness and compassion.

Acceptance is the first step in our ability to move forward.  We cannot change the past other than to change our perception of it through forgiveness and the recognition that we did the best we could with the information we had at the time.  We can however, change and build on those past perceived mistakes in our present circumstances.  (Perceived mistakes because there are no mistakes, only those things that help us to grow).  Everything that we have experienced makes up who we are 855176-bigthumbnailtoday…let’s honor it.  We are encouraged then to again, accept what happened, look for the beauty or pearls of wisdom, be grateful for what it may have taught us, and perhaps create something magnificent out of those seemingly negative events.  And whenever we become aware of having a negative thought about any situation, past or present, let us begin changing it by replacing it with gratitude.  The truth is, we do not want to focus on the negative, because we will attract more of the same.  That is how the Universal Laws work.

When we learn to live in gratitude, we will feel lighter and begin to recognize all the ways in which we are blessed and the grace that surrounds us in every moment.  We will see things in nature that perhaps we did not notice before.  We will become more grateful for the people in our own lives and beyond that, and begin to realize just how connected we really are and replace judgement with compassion.  We will  begin to honor ourselves and become stronger within our own integrity and have the courage to stand by it.  We will be more open and honor the individuality in others even when we disagree.  We may even learn to simply say “thank you” without discounting a compliment.  (I definitely needed to learn this one.)   We will be more supportive of others because we will see them through different eyes.  Our self-esteem and self-worth will be lifted up to a place of knowing we are deserving of everything.  We will be more present in our life and at peace with ourselves.  And in the silence of that peace, we will discover endless possibilities in which to practice gratitude and open up the channels for love expressing itself more profoundly as us in the process.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D