Filling In The Gap

___The_Door_to_the_Universe____by_greenfeedWhat would you bring forward if there was nothing standing in the way of your vision?  And how would you go about “filling in that space in-between the magic of your imagination and your reality?

We have all been given the greatest gift of all…the magnificent gift of life.  So, how do we unwrap this incredible package to reveal the most beauty from its very dynamic essence?

Most of us did not think of our lives as being gifted to us.  We were simply birthed into our existence with a subconscious existence (for the most part) with much to learn.  We began our journey as children profoundly in awe of everything around us and with the complete absence of fear.  That is until we became naturally conditioned to the ways of the world and in particularly our immediate surroundings.  And so the journey of our ever expanding life begins.

Up to this point in our lives, we have lived through many experiences that have made us into the people we are today.  And for this, we are encouraged to be immensely grateful, for everything along our path has made a significant difference to our spiritual evolution.  Although we may not have understood what those significant differences were especially during our most challenging times, we may have come to a deeper understanding of why we experienced them simply because of the wisdom we may have gleaned from them.  And because of those experiences, many of us have taken complete responsibility for our lives today, clearly because the way we handled things before were not working for us. 

Perhaps we were inspired by someone or something that moved us so profoundly that it caused us to think more seriously about making some important changes. Maybe it was something we experienced along the way that was so painful that it brought us literally to our knees.  However this shift happened, coming to this point along our journey is a beautiful and powerful realization of our Divinity, for this is where we begin to fill in the gap with all the things that appear to have been missing.  This is where we begin to understand that it was not only that “something” that brought us to our knees, it was all of our challenges that culminated into its final stages as a catalyst for change.  This “something” merely served to get our attention…our Divine attention. 

hands_worldYes, our Divine Attention.  For we are Divine…the greater “I Am” that exists within each and every one of us as our Higher Self or the Higher Consciousness of our beingness.  We have grown to live within our experiences from our “I-ness” of who we are, which some may refer to as the Ego Self.  From this perspective, our “I-ness” (Ego Self) serves to help us understand our true nature through our physical experiences, and inspiring us to merge with our “I Am…ness” as one continuous flow of Divine Energy.  And when we are open to this Divine Flow, we will be guided even more profoundly through our Authentic Soulful and Spiritual Nature.  We are in essence living from the inside out and from the outside in.

Learning to accept all that we are is the first step into merging with our Higher Self (our “I Am”).  This means not denying any part of who we are or how we may have expressed ourselves in our past, and how we are expressing ourselves today. The truth from this perspective is that who we think we are is merely a perception of who we are.  We are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience, so who we are is much greater than what we may see through our physical perception.  We are however invited to consider that it is through our physical nature that our spiritual nature is revealed…through our physical experiences as previously mentioned.

This is why we are encouraged to fully accept, honor, respect, and be grateful for our physical bodies, our feelings, our emotions, and everything else in-between.  It is only through our acceptance that we are able to gently let go of those things that no longer serve our well-being such as the emotions of regret, guilt, and shame.  In so doing, we will begin the process of “filling in the gap” by choosing to heal those things that keep us from moving forward, and bringing to light more of who we are designed to be as individual and unique souls.  Again, this is not to say that we do not honor those emotions as mentioned earlier, we are simply encouraged to be honest about having them and accepting them as part of our healing process by using them as a catalyst for changing the way we feel about ourselves, and therefore how we experience our lives moving forward.thCA6E4A2Q

So, where is this gap you might ask?  Simply put, the gap is that space between how we have been conditioned to be through the influences of our environment and the people therein.  This includes what we have been told about whom we are and any other perceived beliefs that have influenced our individual lives…through the love of well-meaning people.

 …AND what we absolutely know with an undeniable passion to be our own truth, but have been reluctant to proclaim for fear of not fitting in or any other apprehensions we may have.  The interesting thing is that we may not know what those things might be at first thought. However, when we learn to be still, listen intuitively, and feel the very essence of our being, we will come to know who we are through our feelings, emotions, perceptions, and so on.  We may even want to take a look back at our childhood and remember what we liked to do, where our passions lie, what we were drawn to, what we aspired to be when we grew up, and other significant considerations.  Considering all of these things will help us to recognize what truly is Authentic about our own individual nature and the deeper truth of who we are in our Oneness.  Having the courage to be our Authentic Self is highly essential in the greater scheme of things for it is through our embodiment of it that we gain a deeper sense of our own incredible aliveness, and able to fulfill our greater vision to live from within our own values and beliefs which not only serves our own well-being, but serves us all in Divine Consciousness.

Dancing AngelSo, what do we value?  What do we believe?  And how can those values and beliefs help us to fill in the gap of our own inner consciousness, and ultimately our physical manifestations?  What about our dreams?  Aspirations?  All of these things and more are integral parts in filling in the space within our consciousness that are still awaiting our response.

How do we fill this gap?  How we do it of course if a personal matter.  The invitation here is for us to gently observe without judgment how we relate to life within our environment which includes what we value, what our beliefs are, and the people we interact with to see if they are still in alignment with our own sensibilities as we currently understand them to be.  This is an area in which we may want to make any necessary changes and/or adjustments that resonate more readily with how we express ourselves today.  This is also the space in which we release and let go of the things that no longer serve us (always in the same love they were given) and allow ourselves to be receptive to the things that do honor the vision we hold for ourselves.  And we are encouraged to move through this natural process of growth with compassion for ourselves and those involved…along with a deep sense of gratitude for every experience.  This is what learning to live authentically is all about.

the-door_422_13737And it is throughout our magnificent journey that we are encouraged to understand that while we are invited to “fill in the gap”, it is within this same space that we are always moving in the direction of Divine Order in which there is no right or wrong. How so?  We are simply growing and outgrowing, releasing and receiving, open and receptive, and allowing life to flow naturally throughout our ever-evolving Authentic State of Love, Light and Divine Inspiration…that ultimate space in-between our Human Consciousness and our Higher Consciousness.    

So, are you ready to take the leap?  Are you ready to be more involved in co-creating (with Spirit) your own life knowing that when you rise up to the level of your Higher Consciousness, you raise the vibration of Love, Peace, Harmony, and the greater well-being of us all…in Divine Consciousness?  We walk together in this life, and are always encouraged to remember, that every one of us is always supported by a most Loving and Powerful Universe.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.



Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.

Remembering the Soul’s Journey

thCA2B7706Through the guidance of our magnificent Soul, we are gently led into places beyond what we could ever imagine – we need only to listen, observe, and be open to the possibilities…

Our Soul is born of Spirit and at the very core of our multi-faceted being.  And it is through this radiant consciousness that we create our experiences through a process of remembering all that we are in our authentic nature.  And it is through this same radiant consciousness that we are always guided along our path whether we are aware of it or not.  Let us explore some of the many ways in which our Soul reveals to us who we truly are through the things that naturally unfold in our everyday experiences.

Let me begin by saying that our soulfulness was openly expressed when we were very young children because we were still unencumbered by all the things we have grown into through our personal experiences and environmental influences.

We need only to look at our young children to see the evidence of their amazing 57soulfulness.  The first thing we will notice is that while all children share similar traits especially within their families, they are uniquely different.  There is always something special that sets them apart from their siblings and other children.  We will witness how free they are in their personal expressions in what they say; what they like to wear, the colors they enjoy most, the people they feel most comfortable being around, how they use their creativity and imagination, what they gravitate towards in the way of art, music, and other activities, the wisdom they already possess, their zest for life, their openness, and so much more.

The truth from this perspective is that all of these things and more are still very much a part of who we are and expressed in some manner yet today.  While this may not be readily apparent, we may find that what we are doing right now in our chosen profession for instance, directly relates to what we enjoyed doing as a child.  And if we are not, we may be feeling unfulfilled and are in pursuit of what brings us joy.  The significance in both instances is that we were and are always guided by our Soul…again, whether we are aware of it or not.

When we feel unhappy or restlessness, it is our soul stirring within and guiding us to move into something that is more in alignment with itself as us.  This “stirring” is about change and moves us closer to remembering who we are.  Change is a natural part of our being…just like the changing seasons in Mother Nature.  The truth is we are no different from what we see out in nature, for we are not separate from it.  In fact, when we look closer, we will see the similarities in our transformations and growth patterns as those of trees, flowers, and every living thing.  What we will notice most of all, is that nothing can stop life from changing, growing, or transforming itself. Let us look at some of the ways in which nature continued to evolve…

calm-water-angel-fairyWhen one leaf falls from a tree, there will be others to replace it; A flower comes to full bloom when the bud is ready to open to expose its full beauty; The caterpillar changes into a magnificent butterfly; A tiny acorn grows into a mighty oak tree; weather conditions affect the growth of plants;  and so on.

So, what are we to glean from this?  As we are part of nature, we will also continue to change and evolve throughout our entire lives as well.  For example, we know that physically we grow from infancy into adulthood which is apparent through the changes that happens within and outside our bodies.  As for our emotional and mental states, we will continue to develop through every season of our experiences and what we learn through them, which incidentally affects our physical bodies as well.  It is important to accept that everything we have experienced thus far regardless of the circumstances has been a significant aspect our spiritual growth and the evolution of our beautiful Soul.

Spiritual-DoorSo, what are some of the others ways in which we are guided?  And how does it show up in our experiences today? Intuition is one of the ways our Soul most definitely speaks to us.  We receive inklings of information that resonate with us beyond what we may understand, yet know beyond reason.  For instance, have you ever had a feeling that compels you to call a family member or friend right away only to find out there was something very important they needed to tell you?  Have you ever found yourself going in a different direction than you may have planned with regards to a career or vocation, and found the perfect opportunity that feels like a dream come true?  The voice beyond reason is at work here…our intuitive voice.

How about our dreams?  Many clues are revealed through what we experience in our dreams because they hold nothing back, and provide us with honest answers to anything we may want or need to know.   It behooves us to pay close attention to them for they are indeed a powerful way in which we are guided to move forward during our waking hours.

Our Soul also can be felt and seen through the things we enjoy such as art, music, writing, and other hobbies and pastimes.  Believe it or not, there are significant messages within them.  For instance, what are we most focused on while engaging in these activities?  Pathways?  Beauty?  Light?  Flowers?  Animals?  Angels?  People?  Children?

How about the people that we gravitate toward and vice versa.  Are you surrounded psychesby, Teachers?  Artists?  Leaders? Writers? Healers?  Do you think there is something significant in these interactions?  This writer thinks so.  Remember, we attract into our lives who and what we are.

What about déjà vu?  Could this be a form of guidance for us to remember who we are?  Something to ponder is it not?  The very idea of feeling that we have experienced something before is intriguing at best even if we haven’t actually experienced it…or have we?  If nothing else, it could leave us feeling that there is much more to our life than we might imagine.

The Soul’s Journey is a beautiful unfolding of how our lives continue to evolve.  We may or may not remember everything about where we have been or where we are going, yet when we are open to all the possibilities, we will glean some insight into who we are at the deepest level of our authenticity.  We are simply encouraged to be aware and mindful along the way and recognize that we are more than what meets the eye…more than our physical being.  Remember, we are spiritual light beings having a human experience.  And as such, we have the innate power and the wisdom to look Beautiful-Angel-angels-8025041-1024-768beyond what we can ascertain through our humanity and learn to perceive life through the spiritual discernment of our higher self.  It is within and through our wholeness that we can perceive our Soul.  Being authentic is to know and accept all that we are in our wholeness…and living our lives from a realistic place of where we are in this important moment, and in balance with both our spiritual and physical nature. We have all come to the planet earth to do or learn something significant to our Soul’s Journey.

Again, listening and being observant is important if we are to uncover the truth of our own unique existence, as well as how we create harmony with other souls.  Everything we do affects everyone and everything else.  That is how life works.  The beauty is that whenever we look in the eyes of another, we see their shining soul looking back at us.  This is a beautiful exchange of energy because it gives us an inkling of how connected we really are, especially when there is an instant recognition of something profoundly familiar.  Whatever that resonance is, we are remembering something…

Overall, everything we experience serves to gently guide us into remembering more clearly the nature of our magnificent Soul and who we are through its divine expression.  And when we consciously allow ourselves to be in this natural flow of its guidance, we will take our journey even more profoundly into heightened levels of our divinity and bring to light extraordinary demonstrations of our inherent greatness.

There is so much more to learn along the way…perhaps you have other ideas as to how you are guided throughout your own life.  We are all in this life together, and it through our interactions with each other, that we begin to realize the significance of our own soulful journey and how it relates to the evolution of us all…in our Oneness.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.

The Power of Suggestion

Power-of-GratitudeWhat we sense around us consciously or subconsciously can influence the way we think, the way we see things, what we hear, how we feel, and ultimately what we believe…

The Power of Suggestion presents itself in very subtle ways.  There is no right or wrong to it.  It is simply a natural and gentle force from which we have all created our livelihoods.  We are merely invited to become aware of how this phenomenon works in our daily lives and how we can tap into its powerful energy.

WE ARE SURROUNDED BY THE KIND OF SUGGESTIONS that have the potential of finding their way into own thinking patterns and belief systems.  For instance, we have been given suggestions as to what is the best for us, what is appropriate behavior in various social settings, how to live a healthy and happy life, how to dress for success, how to create balance in our lives, and so many other well-meaning intentions.

And how about what we see on television given the advertisers aim for us to purchase products that will save us time, give us more energy, look and feel better, look younger, how to lose weight, how to gain weight, and other subtle yet powerful suggestions.  Mind you, all of these things are designed to give us the information we may need in order to give us a greater sense of our well-being.  No harm in that, right?

We have also been raised in cultures where things are simply accepted as a way of life.  There are many traditions that are commonplace in our environment and have been for many centuries.  We were born into them.  And we have lived by these traditions without any reason to doubt their pull on our own integrity.  And for the most part, we have been comfortable with the way things have always been.  And why wouldn’t we be?  They have served us well.

Let us keep in mind that much of what we may have embraced into our own mindset was done on a subliminal and subconscious level.  Perhaps we are recognizing that now…in this moment.  And again, we were born into a set of traditions that were already in place when we were born, which means that we are a natural part of how we all relate to each other given our human heritage.  In fact, we are encouraged to accept and honor everything we have believed and experienced thus far, with the understanding that all of it is and has been a significant part of our spiritual journey. When we can do this, we will have recognized our divinity and our evolutionary process.  We are simply invited to be open to learning more.  Remember, we learn as we go…there is no other way.

And because we are constantly learning as we go, we know that change is imminent, do we not?  We see it clearly throughout the changing seasons in Mother Nature.  Leaves fall away from trees in Autumn, snow covers the ground in the Winter, new growth appears in the Spring, and temperatures rise in the Summer.  The process of life is no different for us as we are part of nature in human form.  For one thing, we notice that our bodies change as we mature from infancy to adulthood, right?   The fact is that something is always changing within and outside of us whether we are conscious of it or not.  We may feel something stirring within us right now.

At this point, I am guided to share with you something a college professor said to the class in a business course I took years ago.  He said, “Don’t believe everything you hear.”  I remember him uttering these words in the form of a challenge.   This was a really powerful suggestion, one that I have given serious thought.   While I believed at the time that he meant it in the context of not believing everything people say, I have come to understand it on a deeper level today…especially from the standpoint of energy.

Most of us understand that everything exists as energy.  This includes the spoken word and all thought which have varying levels of vibration.  We receive thoughts from every conceivable source which includes our intellectual mind, our Soul, our intuition, our spiritual guides, and perhaps other spiritual forces. We also pick them up subconsciously from people through frequencies that we cannot see nor hear.  The same is true of what we may feel on an emotional level.  For instance, have you ever found yourself feeling great joy when in the company of happy people? Have you ever felt sad and not known why?  For the most part, these things may have a direct link to the subtle energy that always surrounds us from what is being said or from the silence of thought.   Some of us are more sensitive to this than others.  Knowing this, we may want to consider this element of nature when choosing our entertainment or anything else for that matter, because energy in itself is a gentle form of suggestion that carries within it powerful frequencies that can change the very nature of any moment or situation in one way or another.

We are also given a lot of information designed to encourage us all in our mutual desire to move more gracefully forward along our path…what is being shared here is no exception.  With this in mind, when it comes to listening to all this information and the suggestions thereof, we are encouraged to accept only that which resonates truly within us.   We are also invited to create suggestions from our own convictions through our self-talk and mindful thinking.  This writer is suggesting that when we learn to listen more intently to what we hear, see, and feel, as well as paying closer attention to what we may be thinking, we will become more self-reliant.   So, what more can we do to become self-reliant?

Let us begin to honor and love who we are at the core of our being, which means embracing all that we are and all that we are not with no judgment.  Remember, we are learning as we go.  In this endeavor, we are encouraged to become more aware of all our innate senses.  For instance, when we hear or see something that gets our attention, we may want to check in with our internal wisdom to see if it has meaning for us and truly resonates with our own sensibilities.  We are encouraged to do this not only from the standpoint of our physical senses, but from our spiritual sense as well…our intuition…our higher self.  This means listening carefully to whatever information we may be receiving from that sacred place within us that truly knows …that voice beyond reason.   We may also want to pay closer attention to where we feel the suggestion within our bodies.  We really do know what rings true for us.

Paying closer attention to our thoughts and feelings is a powerful suggestion in and of itself because we are being asked to trust in our own ability to make choices and decisions that best serve our spiritual growth.  Learning to become more aware of the origin of our thoughts and feelings and determining whether or not they belong to us can be challenging at first.  However, nurturing ourselves in this manner can only raise the level of our confidence and our creative power.  How so?  When we let go of the thoughts or suggestions that no longer serve us and that may have blocked our creative energy, we will have remembered who we are in our divine aliveness.  We are then free to create new experiences from a renewed sense of that aliveness.  By the way, we are encouraged to release in love and gratitude all the things that we have outgrown for they have taught us what we needed to learn, and are the very basis for our being guided forward along our journey.

It takes a lot of courage to follow our own convictions.  When we do, we will be living within the spiritual gift of our own incredible power.  This is the Soul’s Journey.  And within this realization, we will know that we are all here to share our divine gifts and evolve into something more…as individuals and in our Oneness.  So, let us be open-hearted, open-minded, and honor the well-meaning suggestions of others with the loving intention to only accept those things that truly resonate with our own integrity.  Let us share our own heartfelt suggestions and divine gifts with others in the same light.  And let us live from a deeper place of love for ourselves and others knowing that all of these heartfelt and powerful suggestions will find their way naturally into our greater consciousness.  This is how we are always beautifully supported by a most loving Universe…from which our gratitude emanates.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.

Going With The Flow…


When we go with the flow of whatever is happening in our lives, we will come to realize that harmony and divine order is always unfolding because they are in agreement with our thoughts, words, and actions. This is a beautiful thing…

ARE YOU GOING WITH THE FLOW?  If so, what do you think it means from the standpoint of spiritual growth?  And if not, do you think it matters?  Let me begin by saying that we are always right where we need to be, and that everything  happens exactly the way they are meant to happen.  This may seem a bit unrealistic especially considering some of the extraordinary challenges we may have had to face.  You may even wonder if everything happens just the way they are meant to, why are we trying to grow in the first place?  Are we just here to live out our destiny?  Having been asked these questions after a recent talk inspired me to share some thoughts with you about it, keeping in mind that much of what we manifest comes from a subconscious level of our awareness or an even deeper aspect of our eternal soul.

Throughout our soul’s journey, we have encountered many circumstances that have inspired us to continue moving forward on our path with great joy and anticipation.  We have demonstrated many rewards given our talents and abilities to excel in the things we are passionate about.  We are also blessed to live in a land of prosperity and abundance and therefore have the privilege to enjoy many things that reflect the outpicturing of all we have thought possible.   It really goes without saying then that when things are going great, it is very easy for us to go with the flow.

What about those time when we feel challenged?  Do we still feel blessed and want to go with the flow?  Many of us have experienced the kind of pain that seemed too much too bear, much less overcome.  It is within these moments that we may begin to understand that we cannot control how things happens in our lives.  Going with the flow during these heavier moments takes great courage and a kind of unwavering faith in a Higher Power within us that is much greater than the pain that we may be suffering.  We need only to be open to it and allow ourselves to be guided  through these moments of great change.

Many of us have envisioned our lives to turn out a certain way, and find ourselves being either overjoyed or disappointed when the looks of it changed.  We might ask ourselves, “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why is this happening to me?”  Life is an eventful journey, and everything we encounter is meaningful.  Why?  Because ultimately, we are always in the flow of our own divine consciousness whether we are aware of it or not.  Meaning that our lives always unfold in divine order in accordance with our level of awareness at any given time, and in keeping with the spiritual laws of the Universe which always responds in kind.  There is no right or wrong, life simply moves in a natural flow of consciousness which cannot be measured, but can be seen through what we bring forward into our experiences.

For instance, many years ago I was fired from a job where I had worked for several years with an outstanding record.  I could not believe it!   How could this have happened to me?  I have always been a good employee!   My emotions ran rampant including feeling the shame of losing what I felt was my dignity and self-esteem.  Not to mentioned the uncertainty of wondering how I was going to provide for my son.  The realization came to me that I did not want to be employed there any longer, and subconsciously sabotaged myself by not working up to my normal standards.  Not only that, I was already looking for another job!  So, could we agree that my being fired was actually a outpicturing of my thoughts?  That perhaps the Universe was naturally creating out of the energy I was putting out there?  I did not want that job…right?  I just did not know how powerful my thoughts were at the time, and how they had the creative ability to move things before I was even ready to deal with the consequences.  I was simply given my desired outcome, which was directed by my thoughts and the actions that followed.  The how and when was never in my control.

We are encouraged to accept every moment for exactly what it is regardless of what it may look like.  It is through this acceptance that we gain the wisdom to understand that everything we experience has brought us to the next moment in which we have the power to create something new or recreate something  different out of an existing challenge.  It is important for us not to resist what is happening because when we do, we are actually giving it more energy to create more of the same due to the concentrated attention we are giving it.  The frustration we may feel also adds to the intensity of the energy.   In the long run, it is much easier to go with the flow and making peace with whatever the challenge may be.  It frees us up to be present for something much greater to unfold.

Life is like a beautiful river moving forward in a continuous flow.  There may be rocks or boulders, trees and other obstacles that stand in the way of its flow, but if you will notice, the water will move over, under, and around them in order to keep the water moving forward.  The river will also be calm in places or burst forth into heavy currents along the way, as well as the water falling downward into deeper waters.  We will also observe the river taking different turns going various directions creating yet another way for the water to move along its path.  There will be some stretches of water that reflects the light, and other part that may seem dark and murky.  Do you see the resemblance?  This is authentic about our own beautiful nature.  In fact, we are nature in human form.

We are always guided by our thoughts which influence the words we speak and the actions we take.  And those actions are reflective of how we relate to the world with our own unique personality, which dictates the way we experience our lives.  This is why we are encouraged by Lao Tzu to live in mindfulness in our daily lives.  Whatever the level of our awareness,  just know that everything we experience is significant to our spiritual growth and unfoldment.   We all have a divine purpose for being here, and it is up to us to uncover what that is if we choose to follow our soul’s guidance.  In essence, we have both a destiny and freedom of choice.  It is up to us to determine how to move forward by choosing what is right for us…not what is deemed right by others. And likened to a river, we have the power to change directions and find another way to move forward on our journey.  There is no right or wrong way.

Life is truly a magnificent journey complete with all the laughter, the tears, and every heartfelt emotion.  Allow it all to flow naturally by letting go of the need to control.  Let us observe our lives without judgment of ourselves and others.  Be inspired by the knowledge that we have the power to direct our lives to a greater degree when we learn to be more conscious of our thoughts.  Let us remember to be gentle with ourselves  in the process.  The more we practice going with the flow, the calmer we will become, and the more at peace we will be because we won’t be taking ourselves so seriously.   Take time to laugh, play and enjoy life.  Take time to observe the harmony in nature.  And, remember that we are always supported by a most loving and supportive Universe.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.  Namaste’.

In Love, Light and Divine Inspiration,

Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.

Reflections of the Soul

LadyByPoolOfWater-Fantasy-AnimatedWhen we reflect on our life and the experiences thereof, our Soul reflects back to us profound clues and insights into our true nature and what is most beneficial to our well-being…

As we enter the New Year, let us move gracefully forward on our pathway with a sense of renewed enthusiasm knowing that all we have experienced this past year has brought us deeper into our spiritual journey.  We have seen many changes in our own lives as well as in the world around us.  We have had triumphs and circumstances that have challenged us.  We have been inspired by others and have been an inspiration.  We have fulfilled many dreams.  We have given our gifts of love and support to those in need here and abroad.  We have supported each other.  We have done our part to protect the planet and our environment.  We have taken care of our families and friends alike.  We have lost loved ones, and have welcomed new souls.  All of these things and more have been ingrained into our Soul with a resounding yet gentle force so that we can grow more profoundly into our greatness.

Our Soul holds within it everything that has ever occurred in our lives.  It is the core of our being…our memory bank.  Therefore, reflecting on what we have lived during the past year could give us many insights into the things we may want to change or improve upon.  Perhaps we will feel a sense of fulfillment and are inspired to do more in the way of making a difference in the world.   Whatever it may be, taking time to reflect invokes the Divine Spirit within and along with our magnificent Soul can help us refocus our energies into living more in alignment with who we are in our wholeness…our authentic self.

The ebbs and flows of life are something beautiful to observe because each movement brings the promise of life unfolding in ways we may not even recognize.  Everything we have gone through this past year, and throughout our whole life for that matter,  has brought us to this point in our lives.  Regardless of whether we reveled in our light or we spent time in our own darkness, each experience has contributed to our evolution in life-altering ways.

For instance, it is easy to see beauty in the times when we have experienced joy.  Joy is immeasurable and has the potential for expressing itself in miraculous ways.  It is infectious.  It radiates from within and outwardly into our experiences with an incredible force of vibrant energy.  Conversely, what about those times when we have felt angry or disappointed with a situation or the people involved?  Do we see the beauty in these moments?  Are we open to exploring the wisdom behind these circumstances?  Are we open to the idea that these experiences are clues into something within us that may be asking for change?  Are we ready to accept our Soul reflecting back to us our own truth?

Reflecting on these things does require that we become completely honest with ourselves.  Living in any kind of denial limits our potential for growth.  We are encouraged to explore the emotions that come up during challenging times.  When our feelings are hurt for example, could we have unknowingly projected our own expectations into the situation and onto the people involved?  Recognize that when we do this, we set ourselves up to feel hurt.  None of us thinks exactly the same way about anything in life, whether it be about love, traditions, family, religion, politics, etc.  It is only when we learn to let go of what we expect others to be, that we will find a kind of inner peace that can transcend any hurtful feeling or emotion.

Everything happens for a reason.  There are no coincidences in the people we encounter or the things that occur in our interactions.  We may or may not come to know the reason, but have faith that there is always something beautiful that comes out of any situation.   We need only to be open to seeing it.  By the way, it is of the utmost importance to love and accept who we are in our totality…what we deem our light and that which we call our dark or shadow side.  So, when we are faced with challenging situations, let’s give ourselves permission to feel all of our emotions regardless of what they are.  It is my belief that when emotions and feelings are not acknowledged with care, they will be expressed unconsciously in ways that may not be in our best interest or anyone else in our environment.

We are encouraged however, to gently process our feelings and emotions and allow ourselves to be still trusting that we are always guided.  And when we are truly ready, more will be revealed in the form of divine wisdom letting us know how to move forward.  Our truth will vibrate warmly within us with a greater sense of acceptance and compassion not only for ourselves but for everyone involved.  Reflections based on this premise will go far in our making decisions and choices that keep us living in our own integrity.  Our Soul knows what that is, and our Spirit definitely knows how to help us get there.

We will encounter many heart-opening surprises throughout our journey back into our wholeness, we need only to become aware of the form they have taken. And surprises, much like any other experience are filled with the promise of revealing the truth about where we have been, where we are now, and where we may be heading.  Being open to life and our unfoldment is a beautiful thing…it makes us more grateful for every experience and the beautiful people who make them come alive.

So, what does this upcoming year hold for us?  May I suggest…whatever we want to create and put into beautiful motion.   No need to make New Year’s resolutions from my perspective.  There is nothing to resolve…we just continue evolving in consciousness right from where we are now in this moment.  Let us simply take time to reflect and make everyday a New Beginning.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

Much Love and many Peaceful Blessings in the New Year.  Namaste’.


Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.





Dr. Regina J. Dekker, Msc.D.